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Format: 2014-07-13

January 27th & 28th, 2012, on The Signal…

Humorous and heartbreaking, gentle and piercing, sweepingly epic, and intimately personal:  The band Over the Rhine embraces life’s paradoxes, and we talk with band-member Linford Detweiler about “The Long Surrender,” an album that celebrates the tenderness of human imperfection.

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January 20th & 21st, 2012, on The Signal…


We drop in at a local country music bar to hear the twang of honky tonk musician Arty Hill, whose new album, “Another Lost Highway,” brings a little Nashville flavor to Charm City.


We talk to the editors of “68: Riots and Rebirth in an American City,” a new collection of essays, archival photographs, and deeply personal oral histories about the riots that took place in Baltimore following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Marcia Woolfson Ray builds sculpture from Dog Fennel and cornstalks; Ellen Durkan forges tempered steel into sci-fi meta-fashion; and Ed Hough strums the guitar in the band Smooth Kentucky.  These three artists are as different as can be, but they’ve got one thing in common:  This week, they each earned a thousand-dollar B Grant from the Baker Artist Award website, and we pay them a congratulatory visit.

A preview of the upcoming Charm City LGBT Film Festival, a showcase of the best and newest queer films from Baltimore and around the world

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David Silverman’s got a collection of almost 900 pinball machines, and he’s about to open the National Pinball Museum right here in downtown Charm City.  We drop in at the museum for a crash course in pinball history.

Arthur Magida talks about his book, “The Nazi Séance:  The Strange Story of the Jewish Psychic in Hitler’s Circle.”  The book tells the tale of Erik Jan Hanussen, a celebrated clairvoyant who let his own ambition blind him to the terrible realities of life in Berlin during the 1930’s.

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“You’d stand on a corner, and a guy would come up and say hey, there’s a guy on the East Side who could blow you guys off this corner, he can sing so good.  We’d say go get him!  Bring him down here!  We stopped fighting each other and started singing.”

-Orioles singer Diz Russell

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Part I of the live radio series, “O Little Town of Baltimore,” presented by Center Stage and produced by The Stoop & The Signal.  Stories, songs, and old-time radio theatre - we hear music from ellen cherry, Dundalk barbershop quartet BSQ, and Nepalese singer Prem Raja Mahat.  Our radio actors take on holiday travel, treacherous sledding hills, and absurdly lavish gifts.

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December 9th & 10th, 2011, on The Signal


Editorial cartoonist Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher reflects on the some of the biggest stories of 2011 and looks to the year ahead with his 2012 Economist Wall Calendar, a catalog of obscure, off-beat and occasionally well-known holidays and milestones from around the world


Readings from the poets of “life in me like grass on fire,’ an anthology of love poems from The Maryland Writers’ Association


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December 2nd & 3rd, 2011, on The Signal


“Fear and ignorance are the true weapons of mass destruction.”  So says playwright and actress Rohina Malik, whose one-woman play, “Unveiled,” challenges audiences to confront stereotypes about Muslim women.  We’ll talk with Malik as she prepares to stage her production this weekend at Baltimore’s Theatre Project.


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