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Format: 2014-07-24

November 6, 2012   #1109   Baltimore's Domino Sugar
We've all seen it, particularly at night when we're down at the Inner Harbor:  the world's biggest neon sign, spelling out the logo of Domino Sugars.   Looking like a relic from the Industrial Revolution, the Domino's factory stands in stark contrast to the glitz and glitter of the city's maritime heart.   Jerry and Al had a chance to pay a visit (it's not open to the public) and it was eye-opening.

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October 30, 2012   #1108    A Primer on Venison

As a boy, I loved hearing stories about Robin Hood and his Merry Men, sitting around their Sherwood Forest campfires wolfing down platters of roast venison.   I didn't have clue what roast venison tasted like, but I figured it had to be pretty bold and savory stuff.  Decades later, I can say that I had it right.

And as Chef Jerry Pellegrino of Waterfront Kitchen knows, you can still harvest your deer with longbow and arrow, but there are easier ways of getting it.

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