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Why Baltimore's Affordable Housing Law Isn't Creating Affordable Housing

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Credit: dcJohn / Flickr / Creative CommonsNovember 1, 2013

Homes in Baltimore city are becoming less and less affordable. According to Real Estate Business Intelligence, which follows home prices, the median sales price of a home in Baltimore was 14 percent higher in September than a year earlier.

In 2007, Baltimore passed an ‘inclusionary housing' law aimed at bringing more affordable housing to the city. But, it hasn't done that. Councilman Bill Henry told us, "As a result of the law, we have built 25 units of affordable housing at a subsidized cost from the city’s affordable housing fund of 2.2 million dollars."

Sheilah talks about the law with Councilman Henry. He’s chair of the council’s Housing and Community Development Committee which met Wednesday to look into the effectiveness of the inclusionary housing law is working.


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