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Where Justice and Art Meet

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A screenshot from the Baltimore Art and Justice Project maps artists in Baltimore.January 14, 2014

One of the big buzzwords in the arts these days is “engagement.”  Music and dance and theater performers; poets, painters, and sculptors no longer are content to simply present their work to the public.  Instead, they want to engage listeners, readers and viewers in a deeper way.  

Although artists have taken up political and social causes for millennia, at no time in history has there been more of a connection between artists and social movements than now.  The Baltimore Art and Justice Project is working with those artists in Baltimore.  The program is an initiative of the Office of Community Engagement at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  It is tracking the artists in Baltimore who are involved in social justice work, and connecting them with each other, as well as funders and advocates.  

Tom Hall talks with Kalima Young, the Project Coordinator for the Baltimore Art and Justice Project. 

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