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"The Lines Between Us" Wrap-Up: Equality Directives

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Nikole Hannah-Jones answers a question from Sheilah Kast. Megan Haberle at right. Credit: Christopher Moore, threedaysatsea.com.

October 4, 2013

After a year-long run, "The Lines Between Us" came to an end at a live event on Thursday, September 26 at the University of Maryland School of Social Work in downtown Baltimore. Our theme that evening? What tools do local, state, and federal governments have to dismantle the drivers of structural inequality?

Sheilah Kast spoke with Nikole Hannah-Jones, a civil rights reporter with the investigative news outlet ProPublica whose series “Living Apart,” about housing integration over the past 40 years, won Columbia University’s Paul Tobenkin award in May.

Megan Haberle takes a question from the audience. Lisa Williams at right. Credit: Christopher Moore, threedaysatsea.comAlso part of the conversation was Megan Haberle, an attorney with the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, which has studied efforts to integrate housing in the Baltimore region. 

In this conversation, the guests discuss efforts to create equitable outcomes in housing and transportation, and what's at stake if "disparate impact theory" goes before the Supreme Court.


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