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Humanities Connection - The Humanities Prepare Students For More Than Just A Career

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The American Academy of Arts and Sciences recently released "The Heart of the Matter," a report aiming to spur dialogue on the role that the humanities and social sciences play in shaping our nation's future leaders and advocating for a balanced educational approach, which includes the humanities and social sciences How do young adults manage an ever-changing job market if they have little understanding of themselves, their history, and an ever increasingly connected world? Robert L. Bogomolny, President of the University of Baltimore, shares his perspectives as part of this national conversation.



For more information visit www.mdhc.org.

The Maryland Humanities Council (MHC) is a statewide, educational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses the humanities to stimulate and promote informed dialogue and civic engagement on issues critical to Marylanders.

Opening Eyes. Opening Ears. Opening Minds. The humanities explore the human experience. Through the humanities we think about who we are – our ideas, our histories, our literature, our values – and how we relate to one another. We encourage Marylanders with different backgrounds and viewpoints to see, hear and learn more about others and themselves. We believe that only informed, engaged citizens can build healthy, democratic societies.