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Bail Reform in Maryland, Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, and Singer Erin Dickins

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Lawmakers in Annapolis are considering several ways to change how bail is set for those awaiting trial in Maryland. One measure would require the judicial system to use statistical models to figure out how likely a defendant is to appear in court.  We learn more about the bill from WYPR's statehouse reporter, Chris Connelly, and ask Maryland’s public defender, Paul DeWolfe, how he thinks the system should change.

Then, Republican Jon Huntsman has served as both Governor of Utah and President Obama’s ambassador to China. He'll be here next week for the Baltimore Speaker Series.  We talk with him about China's position in world politics.

Plus, what  should you listen to in the kitchen? Jazz vocalist Erin Dickins tells us with her cookbook and CD, Sizzle and Swing.


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