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11.29.13: The Carroll Country Ramblers

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Half a century ago in Taneytown, Maryland, a young couple – Dotty and Leroy Eyeler - started a bluegrass band together. Little did they know they’d become the matriarch and patriarch of a musical legacy:  The Carroll County Ramblers.

Today, the band is anchored by Dotty and Leroy’s children, brother and sister Bonnie and Dale.  Thanks to the second generation of Eyelers, The Carroll County Ramblers are still going strong.


The Carroll County Ramblers from Shane Carpenter on Vimeo.

Producer Aaron Henkin is joined by folklorist Cliff Murphy for a special co-production of The Signal and folk-life program, Maryland Traditions.  Tune in for music, stories, laughs, and some profound philosophical reflections with members past and present of a bona fide bluegrass dynasty:  The Carroll County Ramblers.

(Special thanks this week to Shane Carpenter for his multimedia companion piece.  Check out Shane's other work at: www.thesharer.com or www.readyluck.com)