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John Cmar

How to Talk to Your Doc: Monday August 5, 1-2 p.m.

Instead of feeling better, a visit to the physician can sometimes leave you feeling dissatisfied and disoriented because of a communication breakdown between you and your doctor. Dr. Zackary Berger, author of Talking to Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond, joins Midday on Health contributor Dr. John Cmar to talk about ways to better communicate and create a healthier relationship with your doctor and the health care system.

Midday on Health: Lyme Disease 07/01/13

Three specialists in infectious diseases discuss the diagnosis and treatment of the tick-born illness, as cases of Lyme disease increase and some of its victims continue to claim mainstream medicine ignores their long-term ailments. Our guests: Dr. John Cmar, Midday contributor and a specialist in infectious diseases; Philip Baker, executive director of the American Lyme Disease Foundation and former research scientist for the National Institutes of Health; and Dr.

How A Hospital Works: Monday December 31, 12-1 p.m.

Midday on Health contributor Dr. John Cmar gives an insider’s tour of how a hospital works. Original airdate 12/3/12

How A Hospital Works: Monday December 3, 1-2 p.m.

Midday on Health contributor Dr. John Cmar gives an insider’s tour of how a hospital works. He’ll guide us through the admissions process, to the who’s who of medicine, to what you need to know about your hospital bill. 

Midday on Health: Monday October 1, 1-2 p.m.

Health officials says 2012 could be one of the worst years on record for West Nile virus in the U.S. All but two states have reported cases of the disease, including 47 deaths, to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How worried should we be about West Nile? Midday’s doctor-in-residence John Cmar delves into the world of infectious disease with this story and others like it. Also, with flu season approaching, a review of what you need to know about getting vaccinated.  

Monday March 5, 1 - 2 pm: Midday on Health

New research shows that 80 percent of 50-90 years old are sexually active. With sexual activity among older adults increasing, with the help of drugs like Viagra, cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the same group have risen dramatically in the last decade.  Midday’s resident doctor, John Cmar on this trend in STDs and other infectious diseases, along with other health-related news.


Monday February 6, 1 - 2 pm: Midday on Health

Dr. John Cmar, internist at Sinai Hospital and an expert on infectious disease, returns for another edition of Midday on Health, our new monthly show on the latest in medical news. This hour: New research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore VA Medical Center explores the benefits of exercise and playing video games for Parkinson’s patients, with Dr. Karen Anderson, lead investigator of the study. Also, stents verses surgery: surprising findings about what is best for stroke prevention, with Dr.

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